The Electrician’s Survival Kit – Ed’s Tech Tips

Have you noticed that there’s really no content out there for theatre technicians? Well, that’s where we, at MidCity, come in.

There are videos out there of acting tips, voice lessons, dance routines, monologue examples, etc. upon etc. but there’s nothing out there for the workhorses of theatre, the silent heroes: The technicians. Without them, actors would have no sets to play on, no props to hold and use, no lights to be seen by, and so much more. Ed thought it was time that they get a little love too.

Our Technical Director, Eddis ‘Ed’ Brown, has been working behind the scenes of theatre for a very long time and has amassed a very impressive set of skills, which he is going to share with you, tip by tip, in each episode.

So now that we have laid down a few basics about lighting (cable wrapping, making an on-the-fly top hat, DMX and DIP switches) it’s time we look at the aspects of actually being on the job. First thing’s first, you’re a technician and technicians have tools. Doctors have stethoscopes, chefs have knives, and technicians have tools. Now, the tools are dependent on the job so a carpenter will bring with him/her different tools than an electrician. Today, since Ed is the latter, we will stick with the latter.

Ed will be taking us through, tool-by-tool, what he brings to a basic lighting call, hang, focus, etc. This is going to be your Electrician’s Survival Kit, if you will. Everything that Ed has in this video is crucial to get any job done efficiently so everyone can move on. Just like in James’ “Riffin’ With the Professor” video about properly receiving notes and keeping directors happy, if you make sure you walk into each and every lighting call with these tools, you will keep your Master Electrician, Lighting Designer, Technical Director, etc. happy as well.

So pack up your bags, feel free to add some of your personal favorites or other suggestions, and get ready to get down.

Thanks for tuning in and we will see you next time on “Ed’s Tech Tips”

– MidCity Productions

A special thanks to Event Lights in Jersey City, New Jersey for the use of their shop in this video.

This episode was presented and written by Eddis Brown. Graphics, animations, photography, and editing by Brett Mogavero of Mogue Studios. Title card designed by Solvi Haugseth. Directed by Solvi Haugseth. Produced by Jayde Lovell